sweet tea ice cubes, cold fresh milk
Jan 8th, 2014 by shallow

i don’t post about food, but this one’s such a great idea, i just had to share it. the idea’s not originally mine, i read it from some old magazine. and since i love warm milk tea so much, i knew i’d love this refreshing summer alternative just as much.

milk ice tea 03

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2010 came and went just like that. and here we are in 2011 with another wishlist that never ends.
Jan 22nd, 2011 by shallow

ah, yes. still too lazy to assemble meaningful text. but i can’t let the first month of the year pass without a post.

and there’s nothing like dreaming of material things to stroke the superficial soul. good thing i didn’t apply for a credit card here. for the sake of my mental health, i most likely wouldn’t.

love, chloe edp

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holiday wedding vol. 3: the sparkling reception
Dec 8th, 2009 by shallow

continuation to this.

placecard holders: miniature-ized well-loved trimmings

white snowflakes look great with iridescent table confetti. gold wire christmas pines are classic.

small poinsettia and christmas balls add whimsy and would make great conversation pieces.

from bridal people.

centerpiece: gather the tree trimmings and put the lights on

one of the easiest things to do is make centerpieces during the christmas season, with the abundance of decorating items. you can gather balls into a bowl or candles on a plate and voila!

from superweddings.

the wedding cake: ribbons, poinsettia and edible winter

adorn your cake with a silver or gold ribbon; instead of the usual roses, how about fondant poinsettia instead?

check this out, sprays of snowflakes as if they burst off the cake!

from wedding flowers and reception ideas and perfect wedding day.

wedding favors: christmas decorations

decorations like this snowflake candle holder and this crystal tree trimming make the best favors. your guests can put them up in their homes and be reminded of you every christmas season!

you can even put the favors in gift boxes! how about a personalized christmas ball?

from bridal people, cool party favors and stylehive.

the reception area: lots of lights and all things that glitter

like i said, i love holiday weddings because you get the opportunity to go crazy with the lights!

from wedding53.

set the atmosphere with a string quartet that plays christmas carols.

set up a space like this where you and your guests can pose for photos. this one sure beats the hell out of a printed tarp background.

from venus ensembles.

holiday wedding vol. 2: the nitty gritty details
Dec 7th, 2009 by shallow

continuation to this entry.

the bouquet: berries and crystals

deep colored blooms like red roses and burgundy lilies add to the richness of the season's theme. adorned with berries, they give you the idea of a mistletoe.

from kaboodle and wedding flowers and reception ideas.

i am very partial towards crystals in just about anything, so i'm all for bridal flowers bedazzled with swarovski crystals. especially during christmas!

from pink frosting and silk wedding designs.

bind the stem with luxurious fabrics or ribbons in christmas colors; if it's a winter wedding, instead of a traditional bouquet, warm your hands in a muff of flowers!

from wedding flowers and reception ideas.

ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket: lots of bows and twigs with moss or pine needles

overload the pillow and basket with satin and gossamer ribbons. they will take on the appearance of christmas presents.

from eliza fig.

not precisely what i imagined, but very good representations of what i had in mind nonetheless: twigs and moss or pine needles with mistletoe, berries, pinecones and flowers to make the pillow look like a wreath and the basket look like a goodie stash.

from etsy and inspired occasions.

candles: bright and cheery candle holders

bright and shiny colors lend a festive feel to these otherwise austere decors, and the rustic pinecone candle holders add flair.

from bridal people.

sendoff from church: snowflakes, stars and sleigh-bells

instead of rice, have the guests toss snowflakes and star confetti at the bride and groom.

from chico party.

let the guests jingle gold and silver sleigh bells as they toss confetti to the newlyweds. and these double as wedding favors too!

from bisman weddings and eliza fig.

this is art nouveau and this is art deco
May 29th, 2009 by shallow

if you have seen the farrelly brothers’ epic comedy there’s something about mary, then you would know one of the funniest moments in comic cinema is when mary (cameron diaz) brought the private investigator/con artist to the architecture exhibit and asked him to identify one of the works, whether it was art nouveau or art deco.

could you have distinguished one from the other? so, what is the difference between art nouveau and art deco?

art nouveau (french for “new art”) began in the later part of the 19th century. it extensively incorporated natural, organic elements and the female form in its designs. it is greatly characterized by softness and fluidity, its distinct feature being the asymmetrical sinuous, undulating lines. just by this description, one can probably tell that the style is known for its decorative aspects.

artist alphonse mucha is one of the best representatives of this artistic movement. a more common example is gustave klimt.

artist alphonse mucha is one of the best representatives of this artistic movement. a more common example is gustave klimt.

art nouveau in interior design

art nouveau in interior design

art nouveau in architecture

art nouveau in architecture

art deco, on the other hand, achieved its height in popularity during the 1920′s to the 1930′s. it incorporated cubist and bauhaus influences in its designs. as opposed to art nouveau’s flowing lines, art deco makes full use of streamlined geometric images. it utilizes symmetry and boldness in design and color. it is influenced by industrial shapes and by art from indian, egyptian and native american cultures.

art deco architecture

art deco architecture

art deco stained glass design

art deco stained glass design

tamara de lempicka is one of the finest artists during the art deco period. another is jewelry-maker rene lalique.

tamara de lempicka is one of the finest artists during the art deco period. another is jewelry-maker rene lalique.

although these were art at the turn of the twentieth century, they are still, without a doubt, influencing designs of today.

dresses with art nouveau prints by prada, mara hoffman and tibi

dresses with art nouveau prints by prada, mara hoffman and tibi

art deco inspired dresses by badgley mischka, holly fulton and zac posen

art deco inspired dresses by badgley mischka, holly fulton and zac posen

can you tell them apart now?

not quite trompe l'oeil
May 15th, 2009 by shallow


we live in a small, cozy flat. it’s nothing to complain about. in fact, i like living in intimate quarters, but it certainly restricts the maximalist in me. since space is a huge consideration in plotting the furniture and fixtures layout, a small, cozy flat normally prohibits decorative pieces that serve more form than function.

then i found decals. you see them as shop window signs, you definitely see them on vehicles, but do you know they can also be used to decorate the walls of your very own home?

since i can’t fit a chandelier into our space, maybe i can stick one on my wall:

or perhaps i can bring some plants into the house:

from vinyl wall art

from vinyl wall art

if you’re not allowed to have pets in your condo, just pretend you have some:

how about taking a piece of the cityscape into the house:

here’s a way to make yourself feel literally small… or small like a child:

or just for sheer blastedness of it, stick something:

jacks decal from ebay

jacks decal from ebay

i found a design i like from a local online seller (one that involves a pair of cats, a sidetable and a vase), but i’m still adamant about getting a chandelier wall decal. since the designs above were grabbed from foreign sellers, i could just go to an arts & signs shop to have them make similar designs. and i’m sure they’d even cost much less.

you could probably sense by now that i just went nuts looking at wall decal designs online. i might end up crowding our walls with all sorts of strange things. well, whatever happens, at least we’d still have floor space.