plastic shoes p.1
Apr 11th, 2015 by shallow

the invention of plastic shoes, i’m sure, is not relatively new. the trending of it, as well, have started generations ago, if only to blip on and off the style radar, as it struggled to enter mainstream permanence.

 photo 70c4770b-8788-4eb5-a91f-0e6be6cf62ee_zpss8oktnsq.jpg

image from leo lyons photography

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want wednesday
Mar 11th, 2015 by shallow

 photo a26f6503-276f-4606-a451-e94d58e1f5f9_zps1pv2p7fd.jpg

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the red carpet season that was 2015
Mar 8th, 2015 by shallow

lupita nyong’o still commits no faux pas, emma stone sticks to being distinctively non-conformist, in my opinion something’s the matter with julianne moore’s style team, jennifer lopez goes back to showing some skin, taylor swift keeps up with her darling of the press look, and felicity jones deserves more red carpet credit than the media gives her.

my favorite: laura haddock, who was princess perfect at the bafta.

 photo dcdfac0d-06c3-4d50-8559-a7d42e2a9cf6_zps9crq8myh.jpg


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i am back and here are some breakfast eggs
Mar 7th, 2015 by shallow

 photo a0b788f0-76dd-43f7-a031-c7c21a23a9bb_zpstmmb9zi3.jpg

eggs. the breakfast staple. kickstarts a new day. and a new approach.

frankly, i was just thinking of eating some soft-boiled eggs while i was editing, so here’s a photo.

image from food network.

want wednesday: transparent jacket from motel
Apr 15th, 2014 by shallow

 photo transparent-rainshower-coat-motel-roks-pvc_zps735aa91a.jpg


this transparent jacket from cult brand motel will let you show off your outfit even on rainy days.

sometimes we make things: denim clutch from jeans
Apr 13th, 2014 by shallow

 photo _MG_8509_zps332a89dc.jpg

we cut the bottom part of a pair of jeans. we didn’t really know what to do with the part that we cut off, then we found an old red zipper and had an idea.

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tom ford and richard buckley get married
Apr 12th, 2014 by shallow

 photo tomandrichard_zps5d01f64c.jpg

after 27 years of dating, tom ford and richard buckley finally make their vows.

read “tom ford and richard buckley forever” here.

nicholas ghesquiere for louis vuitton
Apr 10th, 2014 by shallow

i hardly knew marc jacobs for louis vuitton.

 photo ng39_zps98a1edff.jpg

nicholas ghesquiere was the prodigy who, at 25, sat at the helm of the house of balenciaga in 1997. he left the house he helped build after 15 years of collaboration as the rest of the world wondered at his next turn. this year, he let walk down the louis vuitton runway one of the most stunning ready-to-wear collections i have ever seen.

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once a beauty, always a beauty
Apr 5th, 2014 by shallow

last february, great news came to me in the form of nars and marc jacobs beauty.

 photo jessica-lange-photos_zpsc727b82f.jpg

 photo charlotte-rampling-large-picture_zps744606a5.jpg


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throwback thursday: alfred hitchcock in harper’s bazaar
Apr 3rd, 2014 by shallow

 photo hitchcock_zpsf3630cba.jpg

alfred hitchcock and model ina balke in 1962, posing for a psycho-inspired photo shoot for harper’s bazaar.